It is Python Turtles All the Way Down: Recursion, Fractals, and the Python Turtle Module


Recursion can be a difficult thing to grasp at first. This talk will teach the basics of recursion, using fractals drawn by the python turtle module to help attendees 'see' how recursion works. Additionally, fractals are super cool and the turtle module is fun for all ages!

Talk Description

To understand recursion you must first understand recursion. OR you could come to a talk that will demonstrate the basics of recursion using fractals drawn by the python turtle module! What are fractals? Fractals are psychedelic designs that appear basically the same regardless of scale. They also appear all over nature–consider how a tree trunk and branches is similar in structure to branches and twigs or how a wave is made of mini waves. Best of all, fractals can be constructed using recursive functions. What is the turtle module? It is part of the standard python library that can be used to draw amazing things and is commonly used as a tool for learning to code. Come for the recursion, stay for the amazing fractals, and leave knowing that no turtles were harmed in the making of this talk.

About the Talk

About the Author

Hayley Denbraver is a web developer in San Diego, California. She is a career switcher who used to work as a licensed civil engineer. Her civil engineering projects included working on a hotel near Disneyland (It is awesome!) and anchoring air conditioners to hospital roofs (They are awesome too!). As a civil engineer she had a stamp with her name on it, but as a web developer you can find her name by using git blame. She is an avid contributor to her company's