Sprints: Cancelled

Sprints: Python in Action CANCELLED!

Like PyCon and many other PyCon conferences, PyTennessee features sprints - collaborative works sessions where you'll expand and improve open-source projects. Sprinters work on fixing bugs, adding features, writing documentation, and pretty much any task that improves a project.

Time and location

Sprints will take place CANCELLED. Sprinting begins at 6 PM each night and has not particular end time. Come for as much or as little as you can. There's no separate sprint registration, though feel free to make contact with the leader of your chosen sprint in advance if you like.

Why you should sprint

  • Have fun collaborating with new and old PyTennessee friends
  • Give back by improving Python and its ecosystem
  • Put your PyTennessee knowledge to use while it's fresh
  • Learn Python software artisanry from your comerades

What you need

  • A laptop
  • An appetite (PyTN will feed you, thanks to a sponsor!)
  • Your brain (if available)

What you don't need

  • Experience (sprint leaders and other sprinters will guide you)
  • Running shoes ("sprinting" is a figure of speech...)

Lead a sprint!

If there's a project of special interest to you, why not lead a group of sprinters in working on it? List your project here to get a head start on recruiting participants - email jason@jasonamyers.com to get listed.

Sprints planned


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