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Python is a popular programming language used extensively for web programming, scientific applications, and in the financial industry. Python is ingrained in the open source community, and finds itself at the core of nearly every modern Linux distribution. Due to its ease of setup and syntax, Python is commonly as an introductory programming language at the high school and college levels. Don't let its ease-of-use fool you, however. It is also used for heavy lifting by companies such as Google, NASA, the Securities and Exchange Commission, and many others.

PyTennessee is a two-day conference touching on all aspects of Python programming. The conference includes seminars, workshops, tutorials, panel discussions, open spaces, and lightning talks. All skill levels are represented and welcome, from newcomers to advanced, and those just dabbling. This is the fifth year of our annual regional conference. We’re modeling our conference after the already highly successful PyOhio, PyArkansas, PyCarolinas events.

PyTennessee 2018 will be held February 10th and 11th 2018 in Nashville, TN at the Nashville School of Law Campus.

Why sponsor?

PyTennessee attendees are a variety of working professionals, students, academics, and hobbyist who are passionate about technology and passionate about learning and keeping themselves up-to-date – so much so that they take a weekend of their own time to immerse themselves in an amazing language. This makes them leaders in their fields, and often the ones to which their peers look for leadership and advice.

Sponsoring PyTennessee lets the attendees know that, like them, you stand out – that your organization shares their love of excellence in technology. This is your chance to influence an exceptionally influential group of professionals with your sponsorship message!

Here are some regional python conference attendee facts from the aforementioned conferences we are modeled after: - Last year we attracted over 320 developers, and we expect to have 300 attend this year. - We provided young coder training for over 140 kids via 6 different young coders events. - We raised over ~$1500 for PyLadies. - Attendees are dedicated, above-average developers willing to spend a weekend learning - A number of attendees work with other programming language by day, and are looking to learn Python

Proposed Conference Profile

Estimated attendance: 350 Format: Three Track conference with four formal keynotes and lightning talk sessions, with a young coders lab all day on Saturday. Friday night prior to the conference and Saturday night, development sprints will be held.

Who runs PyTN?

PyTennessee is run entirely by a group of regional volunteers from Nashville and Memphis, but is held in cooperation with the Python Software Foundation. Your PyTennessee sponsorship should qualify as a pre-tax business expense, however, if you have additional questions, please contact our conference chair Bill Israel (pytnconf@gmail.com).

What will your sponsorship dollars go towards?

Your generous sponsorship dollars will be used to cover the expenses of the conference: facilities rental, coffee/snack service, printing of the program brochures, and the like. We also defray the cost of video recording of all the talks (your logo can appear before every video!), and for meals during the code sprints (if possible). We are going to be printing custom swag (either shirts or backpacks) this year and would like to defray some of the costs of that as well.

Providing Financial Assistance to those who otherwise not be able to come is important to PyTennesee, and a portion of the money raised will be used to provide travel assistance to those who would otherwise not be able to attend.

Young Coders is a critical initiative for PyTennessee, and we will need keyboards, monitors, mice, and raspberry pi computers to run the class. Help us cultivate and inspired the developers of the future with your sponsorship today.

We are close to approval for a 501(c) foundation to take ownership of the PyTennessee conference. Our plan is to donate all unused sponsorship funds back to the Python Software Foundation.

We believe in our sponsors participating in our event so much we give you no excuse not to. All paying levels of sponsorship include a ticket to the conference; we want you to use it. Join us, learn with us, hang out with us, and hack with us. The more you can directly interact with the attendees, the higher your overall ROI will be.

Sponsorship Packages:

Minister of Silly Walks (1 remaining) - $10000 - Same as Lumberjacks plus:

  • Recognition as Presenting sponsor of Event social
  • Opportunity for Sponsor’s representative to greet attendees prior to opening keynote address
  • Sponsor’s logo displayed on separate slide in presentation slides before keynote addresses

Ron Obvious (meal sponsor) (3 remaining) - $4000 - Same as Lumberjacks plus:

  • Recognition as sponsor of one (1) meal (breakfast or lunch) on one (1) day of Event.
  • Sponsor’s logo displayed at meal pick-up area.

Lumberjacks (3 remaining) - $2000 - Same as Nudge Nudgers plus:

  • Opportunity to include up to 400-word description in Event program and on Event website
  • Sponsor’s logo displayed at larger size on Event shirt
  • Opportunity for Sponsor-staffed exhibitor booth at the Event.
  • Additional two (2) Event shirts (four total) and additional two (2) Event tickets (four total)

Nudge Nudgers (2 remaining) - $1000 - Same as Cheese Shop plus:

  • Opportunity to display sponsor-provided banner in main Event room.
  • Opportunity to include up to 200-word description in Event program and on Event website.
  • Sponsor’s logo displayed at smaller size on Event shirt.
  • Additional one (1) Event shirt (two total) and additional one (1) Event ticket (two total).

Cheese Shop (10 remaining) - $500:

  • Sponsor’s logo displayed on Event website.
  • Sponsor’s logo displayed on presentation slides before keynote addresses.
  • Sponsor’s name listed in Event program.
  • Opportunity to include up to 150-word description in Event program and on Event website.
  • Sponsor’s logo displayed on Event promotional emails to attendees and wider programming community.
  • One (1) Event shirt and one (1) Event ticket.

The Visitors (Free for Non Profits involved in Python advancement)

  • Sponsor’s logo displayed on Event website.
  • Sponsor’s logo displayed on presentation slides before keynote addresses.
  • Sponsor’s name listed in Event program.
  • Opportunity to include up to 50-word description on Event website.
  • Sponsor’s logo displayed on Event promotional emails to attendees and wider programming community.

If you'd like a different option from any listed above, please send us an email!

How to Sponsor

  1. Setup an account on our website.
  2. Apply to be a sponsor here. This is important because it's where you upload all your logos and setup the descriptions etc.
  3. After that, we will send you an invoice, which will show PyTennessee by the Technology Federation of Nashville.
  4. We will turn on your logos and descriptions etc, and begin promoting you in our outreach campaigns!

Additional Notes

Please note that in order to get listed on the t-shirt or in the conference program, you must complete your sponsorship process by January 1st to give us t-shirt and program production time.

Sponsors are also encouraged to donate prizes and swag, such as books, stickers, pens, notepads, etc. No item is too small (or too large for that matter). Sponsors must also agree to abide by the Python Code of Conduct.

Don't see what you want from the available options? No problem, please contact us and we will work with you to design the sponsorship package that will fulfill your business and organization's needs.

Thank you!

For any questions, please contact the sponsorship coordinator (pytnconf@gmail.com).


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