Saturday 3 p.m.–3:55 p.m.

Bad Accessibility Happens – That Doesn’t Have to Be The End

Lindsey Dragun

Audience level:


Avoidance is not the answer—bad accessibility will still be there, losing you users and creating bad will. We’ll go through examples of what not to do and how to fix problems. We’ll also talk about compromises that can be made to appease stakeholders and others.


Bad Accessibility Happens – That Doesn’t Have to Be The End

This talk will go through accessibility concerns on the web through example of bad accessibility, teaching the audience about the struggles of many types of users. We will cover well-known concerns such as low vision/color blindness, as well as attention issues and anxiety, and discuss the limitations and abilities of some alternative input and output. Quick fixed and long-term considerations will be discussed, with the overall goal being that the participants leave knowing how to find and solve accessibility problems.

Why Bother With Accessibility

Not only should you want everyone to be able to easily use your site, but having an accessible website comes with a variety of benefits:

According to the U.S. Census Bureau, around 19% of Americans have a disability, which is a large potential audience for any site. Many companies also fall under accessibility laws they might not even be aware cover their products and web accessibility lawsuits have become more prevalent in recent years. Accessible web development also tends to lead to better UX and a happier user base. And, another plus: It will save devs time and frustration when they’re working with the code, since good HTML is enforced.

Who This Talk Is For

Users will be expected to have working knowledge of the internet, webpages, and using webpages.


(times are approximate)

0-5 mins: Introduction to accessibility and disabilities, categories, and types of issues that can diminish web experience 5-10 mins: Brief overview of US legal concerns and why good accessibility helps everyone, not just the users 10-15 mins: Basics of accessibility in code and design 15-25 mins: Examples of bad accessibility from major websites and how they’re causing problems for users and examples of quick fixes and easy ways to add more accessibility to inaccessible sites 25-30 mins: Conclusion, with summary of why accessibility is necessary and how it can be implemented


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