Conference Schedule

Saturday is Young Coders, and Sunday is devoted to PyLadies with auctions and a mani/pedi party!

Saturday February 7th, 2015

  Auditorium Room 100 Room 200 Room 300

Registration and Breakfast

Young Coders

09:00AM Docker for Ephemeral Workloads
Kyle Kelley

Snack Break

11:00AM The Well Tempered API
K Lars Lohn
Marketing for Developers
Craig Kerstiens
Introduction to HTTPS: A Comedy of Errors
Ashwini Oruganti, Christopher Armstrong
Become The Office Genius with Excel & Python
Michael Watson


01:00PM Analyzing Data with Python
Sarah Guido
Function Decorators: How Do You Even
Bill Israel
Dodge Disasters and March to Triumph as a Mentor
A. Jesse Jiryu Davis
Write a Toy Language in Python 3
T. Scot Clausing
01:50PM DiversiPy: How to be an Ally for Diversity in the Python Community
Rebecca Standig
Cutting Off the Internet: Testing Applications that Use Requests
Ian Cordasco
Metrics Driven Development
Dave Josephsen
02:40PM Behavior Driven Development with PyQT
Matt ODonnell
A Quick Sip from the Flask Microframework
Andy Matthews
Zen and the Art of Python
Clayton Parker

Snack Break

04:00PM Why Your Next API Should Be Designed By A Linguist
Rebecca Standig
Purely Functional programming in Python
Christopher Armstrong
Patterns for Extensibility
Patrick Altman
05:00PM Stronger Than Fear: Mental Health in the Developer Community
Edward Finkler

Sunday February 8th, 2015

  Auditorium Room 100 Room 200 Room 300 Room 400

Registration and Breakfast


Keynote - Chris Fonnesbeck


Snack Break

11:00AM How to really get git
Susan Tan
Python: A Multi Tool for Data Science
Derik Pell
Shitty Code Leads to Pretty Code: Reconciling Development with Reality
Aubrey Howell
Docker in Action - fitter, happier, more productive
Michael Herman
Crafting better API clients
Ben Lopatin


01:00PM Django Girls: A success story
Anna Ossowski
Migrating to microservices
Simon Willison
3D Print Anything with the Blender API
Jenny Cheng
Twitter Network Analysis with NetworkX
Sarah Guido, Celia La
Generators Will Free Your Mind
James Powell
01:50PM Coding with Knives: Learning to code, teaching to cook
Adrienne Lowe
Clean and Green: Pragmatic Architecture Patterns
Daniel Rocco
Minimizing Django Growing Pains in a Fast-Paced Startup
Wes Kendall
02:40PM An introduction to Ansible
Joseph S. Tate
How to not make a CRUD-y web app
Calvin Hendryx-Parker
See Python Run
Jason Orendorff
Test-Driven Django Development
Kevin Harvey
Panopticon Zoo: intro to hekad and opensource monitoring
Whit Morriss

Snack Break


Keynote - Lynn Root


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