Conference Schedule

Saturday February 10th, 2018

  Auditorium Room 100 Room 200 Room 300

Registration and Breakfast


Opening Keynote: Safia Abdalla



10:15AM The Wild West of Data Wrangling
Sarah Guido
Securing the Web
Sumanth Damarla
Testing the Infrastructure
Sean Marlow
Workflow Engines Up and Running
Ian Zelikman, Austin Hacker
11:15AM Give Feedback Fearlessly
Aisha Blake
Stumbling Through Django and How Not To
Melanie Crutchfield
Git Internals
Camilo Payan


01:00PM The Future of Python Dependency Management
Kenneth Reitz
Settlers of Catan - Calculating The Best Starting Places
James Dozier
Hands on Machine Learning with Scikit-Learn and Tensorflow
John Berryman
Web Scraping Like It's Your Job
Trey Brooks
02:00PM Postgres at any scale
Craig Kerstiens
Loop better: a deeper look at iteration in Python
Trey Hunner
Tackling Technical Writing
Alaina Kafkes
Serverless Python in AWS
Andy Cowell
03:00PM Why Generosity Turns To Rage, and What To Do About It
A. Jesse Jiryu Davis
Bad Accessibility Happens – That Doesn’t Have to Be The End
Lindsey Dragun
The best kept secrets of surviving as a newbie developer.
Nayonna T. Purnell
Using Data Science to Identify Confusion Amongst Python Programmers
Kevin Moore

Lightning Talks


Day 1 Closing Announcements


Sunday February 11th, 2018

  Auditorium Room 100 Room 200 Room 300

Registration and Breakfast

09:00AM Writing Idiomatic Python: Towards Comprehensible and Maintainable Code
Jeff Knupp
Teach your websites to call for help
Dan Poirier
Emotional Intelligence for Engineers
April Wensel
Visualizing Everything in Python
Katherine Brady
10:00AM Wicked Production SQLAlchemy
Jason Myers
Alexa, a little help please?
Frank Valcarcel
Deploying your Django Application to AWS ECS
Ernst Haagsman
Developing Microservices with Flask, React, and Docker
Michael Herman
11:00AM What To Expect When You're Expiring: Safety Rules For __del__
A. Jesse Jiryu Davis
Getting started with Django's Authentication System
Julia Looney
Exposing a Neo4j Graph Database as a REST API with Flask
Blaise Gratton


01:00PM Creating a Bittorrent Client using Asyncio
Ahmed Abdalla
Chatbot-controlled Cloud Infrastructure Management in Python
Ryan Tuck
More testing with few tests: An exploration of property based testing
Derik Pell
Pythonic Code Refactoring Session
Trey Hunner
02:00PM Type uWSGI; Press Enter; What Happens?
Philip James, Asheesh Laroia
Debugging Your Way to Carnegie Hall: A Critical Practice to Improve Performance
Chip Carnes
Building an Industrial Monitoring System using Python and Django
Michael Clark, Michael Hespenheide
Principles of network analysis with NetworkX
Stephen Bailey



Closing Keynote: Doug Hellmann


Raffle and Closing Remarks


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